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Setting up a backend for your application is a lot of work and should not be underestimated. 
Not only will it become complex because of the different choices you have to make about the server hardware, operating system and other software. There are also the costs to account for, for the infrastructure as well as for the maintenance.
KangaCloud™ is there to help you with all of that! We have already prepared some commonly needed products and aim to be a one-stop shop, helping your business get to the next level.

KangaCloud Services


One-stop shop!

Everything you need in one place. Achieve your goals by streamlining your expenses and use KangaCloud to benefit from our expertise.


Competitive prices. Don't pay for what you 'might' need. Pay for what you actually make use of.


Whether you are just testing the waters or are already up and running, KangaCloud can fit your needs and you will only pay for what you use.


You can pick and choose the features you would like to use and we’ll make sure they are compatible with your plans.

Of course these services are all scalable and compatible with other services you might be using or wish to use in the future. KangaCoders maintains and monitors the whole system where the only fee is the usage fee and in some cases a small startup fee. We have a lot of in-house experience setting up Unix based servers as well. This comes in handy when your needs are more out of the ordinary and you need a complete custom setup. This can be done with KangaFarm™, a dedicated server set-up just for you with complete carte blanche!

Because we have all services in-house, we can adapt very easily and tailor to your needs. Contact us for more information.

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