Application Development

Because we love to build!

At KangaCoders we value high quality applications. Using the latest technologies available, we can create your apps. We strive to make every app we build perfectly scalable. 

Using the best battle tested frameworks to date to achieve better maintainability and faster turnaround times while still having all the advantages of regular native applications. To complement those frameworks, we have extensive knowledge of all the native platform SDK's and languages, so we can satisfy your specific requests without compromising development time and cost. We are specialists but can easily adapt to your wishes and demands.

Type of apps

React Native Apps

We build specialized apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone to leverage the full power of each platform, with optimal performance and an adapted interface.

Cross-platform Apps

A cross-platform app works across all platforms, and is an efficient solution to help reduce maintenance costs of your product.

Progressive Web-Apps

A PWA is an installable web-application with a cache that can function as a Native app. These make hybrid apps obsolete and are considered the new standard in multi-platform development.

We aren't married to a certain technology and are keen on being flexible and adapting ourselves. Depending on your needs, KangaCoders will propose the most suitable frameworks and languages available and help you evolve your product from start to finish. We might challenge you along the way but our trademark is to be on the same line of thinking you're on, and to deliver an all-in service.

KangaCoders listens to you until we fully understand your ambitions and challenges. Make use of our knowledge, experience and expertise to develop your ideal product or service.

Our process

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